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FSSA Sponsors Extra Innings Documentary Film

A documentary about a team of competitive senior citizens attempting to stay young at heart in a game they love, like life, filled with its ups and downs. Chasing their dream of a second consecutive world softball championship in Las Vegas. The Film expresses the preparation and sacrifices required to compete at the highest level of this sport as well as life itself. During their remarkable journey you meet them up close as they share some of their deepest moments of joy, happiness, and tears of sorrow as they move deeper into their life. Several team members will share their personal struggles and successes in their life’s journey. Also, appearance by radio talk host Jack Krasula and 2-time Mr. Universe, Peter Nielsen, as they share their concept that life is a series of chapters, While discovering the secret of staying young is to realize that age is just a number and the most important thing in our life’s journey is not the destination, but the journey !!

Episode #1 Introduction:
“A Man Without A Dream, is Like A Car Without Gasoline“
Hollis Team Winning 2nd National Championship Las Vegas 2014

Episode #2 Start:
“Importance of keeping Your Mind and Body Moving“
Meet “Country Boy” and Mr. Wonderful,” Preacher Man “

Episode #3: Agony
"The Agony of Defeat"
South East Championship
Meet “Big Boss Man“ and “Salas KING“

Episode #4: The Finish
“Finish Your life Strong“
“Giving Back to Others.”
FSSA Charity” Dominican Charity work“
Meet “Big Papa Pump “
“In the Game of Life NO ONE Gets Out Alive”
So Get Out of The Bleachers and On The Field

“Enjoy Your Journey“

The aging baby boomer population who once dominated the diamonds around the USA on a nightly basis in the 80's and 90s have now formed a massive brotherhood of over 50 softball players. Athletes who participate in these half-century leagues play until they are well into their 70's and still bash 300' home runs and score from second on a single through the infield. Many of them are inductees in our Legends Hall of Fame and many others like USSA, ISA, and Heartland.

The Baby Boomers of today are a new breed with 30% of the American population being over 50 years old. In past generations, 50 and 60 something’s were ready for retirement and a rocking chair. Today, these same people are competing in all sorts of sports and by doing so, extending their lives. Our focus is on slow pitch softball, the world’s fastest growing sport for young and old people alike with over 40 million participants in the United States alone which makes it the number one participant sport in the country. Join us as we unfold the stories behind the men and women who are redefining what it means to live and follow their dreams into their extra innings of life.

About the FSSA
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Founded in 2000, the Florida Senior Sports Association (FSSA) is a federally approved non profit, volunteer driven organization based in Melbourne, Florida.  Contributions are eligible for tax deductions based on current tax laws.  There is no charge for membership into the FSSA and all services are free to our members.  More about us. The FSSA will continue to offer special value softball tours, in addition to providing links to other organizations that offer our members value added products or services. 

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Legends Hall of Fame
Active Major Plus Senior Softball Players

The FSSA sponsors the Legends Hall of Fame whichlogo for the senior softball Legends Hall of Fame in Florida is comprised of the best Major Plus Senior softball players in the USA.  Criteria to be accepted includes applicants must be at least 60 years old, actively playing at the regional and national levels, and a current member of the USSA, ASA, NSS, or Heartland Hall of Fames.

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Extra Innings Documentary
Follow a Major Senior Softball team on a quest

The Baby Boomers of today are a new breed of "old guys" who are not ready for retirement or the rocking chair.  The Extra Innings Documentary film is about a group of senior softball players coming together to chase a dream of winning the World Masters Championship, the highest level of competition, in Las Vegas, Nevada this fall. The film crew followed the team to the Dominican Republic and Detroit, Michigan charity events and has great footage to share with us.

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