AGE:  16 HEIGHT:  5’10”  WEIGHT:  155 60-YARD DASH:  6.5 SECONDS

Dionis is a promising 16 year old Dominican national who is playing baseball while attending the Florida Air Academy in Melbourne, Florida. He has been in the United States for the past 8 months and has made tremendous strides in many areas during his junior year of high school. 

Where did the nickname "D-Man" come from?  His name "Dionis",  was hard for people to remember so everyone started calling him "D" for short.  It stuck, so there you have it - the "D-Man".

He has aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player but understands that to achieve his goals he must conquer the English language, grow stronger and improve his baseball skills. Through the efforts of the Florida Senior Softball Association and his host family Cheryl and Ed Rose, he has improved his academic and athletic skills as he continues to develop and grow under the tutelage of several advisors, and coaches. He has exceptional quickness (6.5 speed) and excellent sliding skills making Dionis a major threat whenever on base. This season he was 24 of 25 in base stealing being thrown out only one time at third.


Dionis first goals were to learn English, pass school, grow bigger and stronger, and improving his baseball skills. He has accomplished all of these in the past 8 month by passing all of his classes and learning conversational English while training with weights, eating an American diet and extensive sessions with hitting and pitching coaches. His second goal is to be accepted at a college and earn his 4 years degree while playing college baseball. He has a dedicated young mind and will spend the next three months in summer school while continuing to work with professional pitching, fielding and hitting instructors. 

Dionis is developing into a strong athlete with exceptional speed, quick hands, a strong arm and tremendous jumping ability. However, his best qualities maybe that he is coachable and understands this is the one opportunity he has to improve his life and provide for his family back in the Dominican Republic.

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